Fire Safety Systems


Providing Fire Alarm System design, installation, upgrades, maintenance and testing.

We also have partnerships with authorized vendors to provide Sprinkler, Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression, Fire Extinguishers, and more.  One contract with one company meets all your needs at a competitive price.

Soup to nuts!  Need a fire alarm system?  We have qualified staff to design a system to meet your specific needs, and licensed electricians to install it but it doesn't stop there.  Quarterly, we will test and maintain your entire system and report deficiencies immediately to you with an estimate to repair.  We are staffed 24/7 for fire alarm emergencies with a 24/7 fire alarm support number.  You'll get a real technician too, and not just an answering service.  Lastly, we file all necessary paperwork as required with your local municipality and/or fire department to document compliance.

Depending on the size of your facility, you'll be connected with a tech or number of techs that will become familiar with your site, security protocols, procedures, and testing schedule.  You will never have to worry about unfamiliar people on your site every time.  With us, we pride ourselves on a more personal approach that gets the job done while eliminating the guesswork, running around, and re-learning.  

We carry a wide variety of fire alarm parts for emergency situations.  From smoke detectors to complete panels, you won't have to pay for a fire-watch because we can not get parts fast enough.  We won't let you down when you need us most.

Our technicians are no stranger to harsh industrial environments as well as clean office or retail type settings.  You, your staff, and/or your customers will be greeted with a smile from a clean, groomed tech wearing one of their many RSM Electric branded company shirts or jackets.