Security Camera CCTV Systems


Installation and maintenance of all types of security camera systems including, but not limited to: Analog, Digital, and License Plate Capture Cameras. We offer maintenance programs for your existing installation, and a site plan to upgrade and/or replace. As a standard, all systems installed today will have the capability of being viewed through your compatible mobile device as well as Mac or Windows based computer.

So...What About Cameras?

After many years of designing and installing systems, we have come up with our own company standards and specifications for cameras.  These cost-effective, steel-bodied, weatherproof cameras are sure to surpass your expectations. We always stock over a hundred cameras for quick installation and warranty/service calls, not to mention our bulk-buying discounts passed on to the customer. We also stock a wide variety of mounts and brackets.

Good Quality Cable?

With so many upgrades, retrofits, and replacements we have standardized our installations to a custom cable sporting our purple company color.  This all-copper high-grade cable is extremely durable, and easily identifiable.

Are you a property manager?

We can also work with you to design a video wall at your main office to view all of your remote managed properties simultaneously.

Venue Security?

We can design a security command center that fits your budget, and work with your operations team as to not disrupt events during installations and/or maintenance.  All of our installations are NDAA Federally compliant. As an added measure of security, all of our cameras come branded with only our company logo and internal model numbers, which ensures potential criminals can not get the exact specifications of what you have installed.